Gareth Pitt-Nash is computer scientist specialising in software engineering and development.  His broad ranging interests allow him to draw from an eclectic range of talents when working on and managing projects.

As a young boy Gareth quickly gained a keen interest in technology and in particular computers spurred by his family’s background in engineering and electronics.  This interest developed over the years and lead to his decision to study computer science in college.

His skills were quickly noticed by staff at the college, leading to him being offered his first job as a part-time technician for the college.  Funded by this and other jobs along-side this one he was able to afford to study for a bachelor of engineering degree  in computer systems engineering and electronics at what is now Swansea metropolitan university.

From university Gareth re-located to Southampton after being offered work as a software engineer at Smiths Aerospace which later became part of GE Aviation where he expanded his knowlege of C#, C++, Delphi, SQL, ASP.Net and other languages while working on bespoke health and fleet usage management software systems for military aircraft. He has now re-re-located to Wales, where he was employed as a Web Developer for Creditsafe to create feature rich websites to help keep track of the financial status of any company or individual.  He then continued to diversify taking a role involving enterprise resource management and educational software with UNIT4, then becoming a senior software developer working for Hitec Laboratories in their Swansea office working on document management an risk management applications written in MVC and ASP.Net.  Most recently he has been working as a Senior Developer for ERS, a motor only broker only equity insurance and breakdown cover provider continuing to develop his .Net skill, but also picking up some Java.

However, his life has not been spent with him constantly sitting in-front of a computer, he has also built many computers for friends, family and paying customers, and has also developed online CCTV systems for people to monitor their properties while abroad.

His non-computer related interests include spending time with his kids, motor-sport (having helped out at many rallies including helping run passage controls at Rallye Sunseeker, the Tempest Rally and start contol for the Forest Rally stage at Goodwood Festival of Speed), tinkering in the garage with little engineering projects among other things.  He is also a member of the Black Mountains chapter of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) & loves motorbikes of all shapes and sizes.